Sunday, 10 May 2009

WAY Behind

I'm way behind in my blogging for no particular reason.

Last week Skip and I went birding at Point Pelee National Park near Leamington, ON. Although we saw quite a few birds, there were not as many as one would expect during the spring migration. We took the tram to the tip of Point Pelee, the southernmost point in Canada.

It is just below the 42nd parallel.

We took a walking tour at Pelee the next morning with a birding guide.

Hey little fella! (He's a chipping sparrow)

And my one of my favourite signs of spring ...


For lunch, we celebrated Cinco de Mayo amid Mexican Mennonites in Leamington by eating at the Family Kitchen Restaurant.

Then we drove by the Big Tomato - the tourist information booth. There is a big Heinz processing plant in Leamington.

After lunch we went to Hillman's Marsh to use the spotting scope. Beside the marsh there were hundreds of black-bellied plovers resting up for the next leg of their migration. (click on the photo to see them hunkered down in the grass).

Knitterly speaking, yesterday I started a little cardigan for Christine's brand new baby girl, Charlotte. I am using pink On Your Toes sock yarn. I'm using a free pattern on Ravelry.

It will need a good blocking when I finish the knitting.

I'm mostly liking the new blog format I've been trying out, especially the fact that my photos have a nifty little frame around them and it's WAY easier to format in this template. Let me know what YOU think. The poll will be open for two more days.

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