Sunday, 14 June 2009

WAYer Behind

I have been knitting like a fiend this week. I'm working on the Lehe Shawl and am now on the border around the centre square. Each round is 800+ stitches and with no interruptions, it takes me about 40 min. per round. I have 5 rounds left plus the bindoff so will probably be finishing it tomorrow. Right now it looks like a blob so I don't even have a photo. I'm waiting for the 'reveal' after I block it.

I continue to putter away on Skip's Labyrinth scarf.

I've also been working on the lovely Drop Stitch Scarf from the current (Spring/Summer 2009) Vogue Knitting magazine. I have about 60% done. Now that I look at it, I probably could have done one more repeat width-wise as the current number of repeats will make a very long scarf if I use all of the bamboo/nylon yarn. It is certainly not perfect but I'm very pleased with it and am looking forward to getting to the last row before the bindoff so I can actually drop the stitches and watch them run all the way down, thus widening the scarf another 3 inches.

Yesterday at Worldwide Knit in Public Day at Kniterary we had a delightful time. Several ladies brought their spinning wheels and a few others brought their drop spindles. I am very intrigued and have put out a call for a previously-owned, compact, spinning wheel with an attractive (to me) price.

Michelle custom-dyed sock yarn to commemorate the day. I bought a couple of skeins and am now searching for the perfect pattern for one of the skeins.

I also picked up 500yd. of some mulberry silk that might make a very nifty lace scarf.

While on Ravelry the other day, I saw some KnitPicks yarn that reminded me of Koigu called Imagination sock yarn. It is 50% merino, 25% superfine alpaca and 25% nylon. The names of the colours are very intriguing - Evil Stepmother, Wicked Witch, Woodsman, etc. Perhaps a clapotis would look lovely in one of the colours?

I have been asked to teach a series of classes on lace knitting in the fall so I've been industriously knitting up some samples. It has been great fun. Wednesday was our knitting guild's potluck supper and final meeting before the summer. Now that we'll be meeting at the Whitby Public Library every second Wednesday of the month from September to June, we'll have access to wireless Internet so in the fall I will be doing a laptop demo on Ravelry for the guild members who may want to learn about its features. I was supposed to do it in September but I just now realize I'm going to be away that week. Darn! Oh well, maybe they'll want me to do it in October or someone else could demo it in September.

Next week is the Trillium Embroidery Guild pot luck (munchies, appetizers and desserts) and last meeting before the summer. The last squares for our heart quilt will be handed in. If I remember to take my camera this time (duh!) I'll get some photos.

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