Friday, 31 July 2009

1000 Hits!

Several months ago, the counter on this blog froze at 770. About 2 weeks ago I finally figured out how to install a counter gadget and have been surprised at the number of hits I've been averaging - a little over 15 hits per day - and today I went over 1000. Cool!

I really enjoy keeping up the blog. I like to keep track of my activities in pictures and words and sometimes look back to see what I've done in the past. And if other people like following my activities, that's a bonus.

Today Skip and I drove out to the airport (on North America's busiest highway on a Friday before a long weekend - sigh) to greet Scooter as he alit from his return flight from Europe. He's been overseas for 3 1/2 weeks and has attended a tennis camp in Geneva, travelled to Basel and Bern, set foot in France, Switzerland in Germany simultaneously and spent a week in Venice. He had a 7 hour flight home from Amsterdam where he spent 5 hours on a layover from his flight from Geneva. We expected him to be totally bagged when he got off the plane. Instead, he seemed to be really geeked up to see us - especially his dad.

Here are my two loves.

Scooter somehow got even more handsome during his absence (if I do say so myself).

Skip and I are really looking forward to his arrival at our place next Tuesday.

On the way to YYZ I finished the Charade socks.

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