Friday, 10 July 2009


The first movie I remember terrifying me was 'Bambi'. I was only about 3 or 4 at the time and I had to be taken out of the theatre during the forest fire scene because I started crying hysterically. It was pretty intense for an animated feature. When I was about 11, I saw the Audrey Hepburn/Cary Grant movie, "Charade". I believe the Henry Mancini title song won an Academy Award that year. But I had nightmares about one of the scenes for quite some time after that. It was the scene where James Coburn is found dead in a hotel room. His one foot had been tied to a radiator and he had been suffocated with a plastic bag over his head. The agonized look on his face was terrifying to me. In the pile of the carpet he had scribed with his finger the word "DYLE" the name of the Cary Grant character. I think the carpet was light green. See? I still remember it vividly and my recollections were accurate when I watched the movie only a couple of years ago.

I've been working on the 'Charade' socks which are not at all terrifying. Today I finished the first sock and it is beautiful - if I do say so myself.

I can't recommend the Misti Alpaca sock yarn enough. It is lovely to work with, makes a very soft, light fabric and these socks will be a welcome addition to my winter sock complement.

Skip has had a hard lump on one of his fingers since February, then it seemed to heal up. Last week the lump was back and annoying enough that it was interfering with Skip's golf grip so he tried to release the pressure but it just swelled up. He went to the doctor on Monday and she gave him a 10-day course of antibiotics but by Wednesday, the finger was even more inflamed and it looked like blood poisoning to me. He went back to the doctor yesterday and she immediately sent him across the street to the hospital for intravenous antibiotics. The doctor at the hospital cut open the finger, drained the abcess, cleaned the finger and stitched it back up. Skip has begun a course of 6 treatments returning to the hospital every 8 hours for them. As fate would have it, yesterday was probably one of the nicest days we've had all summer and unfortunately, Skip couldn't golf with his golf league. He is not amused. Hopefully he will be healed well enough to golf with his league next Thursday. As it is, he will likely be unable to play until then.

He's kind of smiling here but he's really not very happy about it.

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  1. geri your charades look wonderful! i'm so glad that its working out great for you! and i'm so sorry for skip's hand. hope it'll all get better soon, golf season is only here for a couple more weeks!