Thursday, 23 July 2009

The Saga Continued

On Tuesday, Valerie and I went to Port Huron so I could pick up some replacement bamboo sock yarn for the project I lost during our trip to Rochester and another couple of skeins of the afghan yarn. That way, I'm sure to have enough yarn to sew the squares together and do the i-cord edge. By some miracle, I got the exact same dye lot and it's been more than a year since I bought the first bunch of afghan yarn. Freaky!

Later, at the mall, I tried to use the ATM to take out some US cash with my shiny, new debit card and it wouldn't work. On our way back to Canada, I stopped to fill up with gas and the pirates at the gas station were giving only $0.75 US for a Canadian dollar. That day the actual exchange was $0.89. Harumph. Valerie loaned me the US cash to pay for the gas and I reimbursed her in Canadian at the current rate.

Back in Sarnia, I went to the PC Financial kiosk at Loblaws and became very frustrated with their lack of acceptable explanation of why they blocked the debit card they had just given me the day before. Later, when I tried to access my MasterCard information online, I learned that another level of security had been implemented and in my attempt to log into my account, I was locked out. I find it particularly annoying when I try to do something online and can't, so I call the tech support number and before I get put into the queue am told by a recording that I can also use their online support. Um, DAH, if I could have used their online support, I wouldn't have had to call them. (Deep breath).

When I got home, I was reunited with my wallet and wrote a little poem to commemmorate the event:

Oh wallee, How I love thee.

I love thine plastic cards and jingly coins,

Thine coloured papers and photo ID.

I love thee from the depth and breadth of my heart.

Let us never again be apart.

I was a bit giddy, I admit.

I finished and blocked Skip's Labyrinth scarf.

I'm also working on the Drop Stitch Scarf from Spring/Summer 2009 Vogue Knitting. I have one ball of Alchemy Silk Purse so am making a narrow version.

Today, Skip and I had lunch at Campkin's of Wellingborough, the tea house in Brooklin where my Thursday afternoon knitting group meets.

Skip had a flashback to his mother's tea cups.

I particularly like the little tea cozies put on the individual pots of tea.

I have a bee in my bonnet to knit a Christmas stocking. I'm not sure who it will be for (anyone need a Christmas stocking?) so I'm going to leave the name off for now and duplicate stitch it later. I found a cool pattern (Mix-and-Match Christmas Socks) on Ravelry from this book, which happened to be in the public library. I picked the book up today and am now at the yarn selection phase.

I'm pretty excited to have a new (to me) library to go to. They carry the Vogue Knitting magazine, a cross-stitch magazine including back issues and a whole whack of knitting books I'll enjoy looking at. I suspect I will be spending quite a bit of time there in the near future.

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