Thursday, 6 August 2009


I love having company - people visiting and spending the night. I'm not generally that interested in keeping the house that neat and tidy and throwing a party or having overnight guests forces me to get things organized.

Recently my office/guest room has been so cluttered that walking across the floor has been quite precarious. I have had yarn storage issues as well as many half-completed projects piled up. On top of that, I am quite 'acquisitive', that is, I have a lot of stuff AND I'm not what you would call a neat freak. All week I've been puttering away and last night finished getting the room ready for guests. There still is a lot of 'stuff' but the floor is clear, the spots have been cleaned from the carpet, the surface of my desk is visible and most stuff has been organized or at least tidied up.


Progress is being made on the Christmas stocking. Since taking this photo, I've finished the reindeer band and inserted the waste yarn for the afterthought heel which will be red.

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