Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Mid-Summer Socks

After browsing through some Ravelry patterns I got a 'bee in my bonnet' that I wanted to knit a Christmas stocking. I found the recommended book in a neighbouring public library and assembled 4 colours of DK weight yarn.

I started it yesterday and am quite pleased with how it's turning out.
I have left the name band blank and will duplicate stitch the name of the recipient when I'm finished with the knitting. I may even keep the stocking for myself. I still treasure my 1961 Christmas stocking that was originally my brother's (I'm not sure where mine ended up) but would be fine with retiring it for a newly knit one.

The Mix-and-Match Christmas stocking pattern has 17 designs to choose from. I've done the holly and am working on the snow flake but also would like to do the reindeer and some trees.

I'm also working on Stephanie Pearl-McPhee's Earl Grey sock pattern using On Your Toes with aloe 'heathered charcoal' yarn.
I wanted them to be a dark grey hue but the yarn seems to be a more brown in appearance. I'm knitting them for a former student of mine who is now an ordained Catholic priest and thought the plain stocking stitch with 1x1 intertwined cables down either side of the leg and foot would be understatedly appropriate.

These next couple of days I'll be a whirling dervish around the house preparing to have 8 people sleeping here on the weekend. My niece, her husband, two children and my sister are staying over for a couple of nights on their return trip from Ottawa. Although we certainly have enough places to sleep, I need to clear the required floor space. It's always a good way for me to get the house in order and get a bunch of piled-up stuff sorted through, filed and/or discarded. Thank goodness Friday is recycling AND garbage day.

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