Monday, 31 August 2009


Last week one of my former students, Mykel (Myke) De Haan tragically died when he was hit by a VIA train last Tuesday night.
The accident occurred just moments after Skip and I passed the spot on the GO train on the way home from the Jays game. Myke had just finished basic training at the Canadian Forces Leadership and Recruit School - a goal he worked very hard to attain.

Myke was a student in my guitar class my last year of teaching. At the time, he had long red hair and was dating one of the other students in that class. He was a very pleasant and friendly student and I very much enjoyed having him in my class. I'm not sure why but I can't stop thinking of Myke, how his life has been snuffed out so prematurely and for such a stupid reason (putting coins on the railway tracks), and how his family and young friends are getting through this difficult time. I will be attending the visitation at the funeral home this afternoon. May he rest in peace.

Teddy Kennedy died that day as well and I've watched as much of the coverage of the tributes and funeral services as has fit into my schedule. I very much enjoyed the celebration of his life from the John F. Kennedy Library last Friday evening. I enjoyed the anecdotes that were told, laughing out loud several times. I was impressed with what both John McCain and Orrin Hatch had to say admitting that although most of the time they disagreed with Teddy's politics, they liked working with him on getting the work done and loved him as a friend.

And now today I hear that the father of a former colleague has died.

That's three. I think that should be it for deaths 'close to home' for quite some time.


  1. That is very disturbing news. It's so very hard to make sense of such a tragedy.

  2. I am a co-worker of Mykel's mom, it has been a huge shock for all of us at work.
    I am so sad for her and her family.