Friday, 25 September 2009

Christmas Planning Already???

Last Christmas at Starbucks, they had a very cool wreath featuring balls of yarn interspersed with glass balls.

Suzanne sent me a link to a website that gives instructions on how to make a reasonable facsimile thereof at home. One day in November, Marion, Elaine and I are going to have a craft day and make wreaths for ourselves.

If you make one sometime between now and Christmas, and you want me to show it off, send me a me a message, I'll tell you where to send the photo and I'll post it on my blog.

I continue working on the second Lehe shawl using the Kiwi yarn.

I'm a little over half finished the centre square.

I also found some deeply discounted, lovely Australian superwash wool for the Lace and Cables baby blanket in a nice, soft green. It is for a former colleague's first, long-desired, much anticipated baby due November 3.

The designer is Stephanie Ament and the pattern is free on Ravelry. It will measure about 30" x 30" when finished.

My only modification was adding 8 rows of k1, p1 moss stitch along the bottom and 6 stitches of it on both sides to prevent the edges from rolling.

Last night at our knitting group at Kniterary, we met an artist/spinner/knitter, Robyn Love, who is working her way across Canada interviewing groups of knitters. Her project is called Knitting Sprawl whereby she explores ideas around community, suburbia and knitting in Canada. The project includes video, photography and knitting, of course! Her German friend, Sonya Schönberger, took care of videotaping the goings on. I'm not exactly sure what the product of this project will be like but Robyn's blog can be followed here.

I'm preparing my lessons for my lace-knitting classes which I'm teaching at Myrtle Station Wool & Ferguson's Knitting on October 3 and 34. I just realized that the first class is next weekend already! Yikes! I decided to break the bank and purchase Knit Visualizer 2.1 from Knit Foundry as I find I'm designing and instructing more and more and it will certainly be a helpful tool. It costs $185US. Right now our Canadian dollar is not doing too badly so I took the plunge and am learning to navigate my way through the program. It is pretty user-friendly. There is a demo version that can be downloaded and previewed.

Now I need to knit up a few swatches for the class next Saturday.

By the way, there are still a couple of spots still available in the class. Call the shop at (905) 655-4858 to save yourself a spot and you can pay the $60 fee which includes your yarn and both classes when you get there. Bring a variety of needles from 3.75mm to 5mm and a printout of Branching Out from


  1. Hi Geri,

    It as great to meet your knitting group last night - really a highlight of the trip. But is it really possible that you only started knitting in 2006?? I am way impressed!

  2. Thanks, Robyn. I learned to knit as a kid and did some knitting through high school and after university but I've been totally obsessed since 2006. There is so much to learn, do, knit, spin, dye, etc. And I'm fortunate that now as a retiree, I have the time to pursue my passion for knitting.