Saturday, 5 September 2009

Scarf With No Name

I have been asked to test-knit a lacy scarf using a luscious new 80% merino/20% cashmere yarn from Uruguay called Punta Yarns Mericash. It is fingering (4 ply) weight and just calling for a nice, soft scarf to be made from it. I thought I'd try a (gasp!) non-Estonian scarf for a change and have decided upon this pattern:

It's a free pattern on Ravelry called "Scarf With No Name". I liked the lacy, leafy pattern and added one more stitch to each side for the garter stitch edge and will pull points on the sides when I block it.

The yarn comes in several colourways in solids, handpainted, and variegated called 'thousand colours'.

Myrtle Station Wools and Ferguson's Knitting just got a bunch of it in as well as a worsted weight in a variety of colours, as well as sock yarns in solids, space dyed and handpainted. The yarn is not plied, it's like the softest handspun singles you could ever create. Ahhh.

Any suggestions for a real name for this scarf? Please don't hesitate to suggest a name in the comments. I'll keep posting pictures of the scarf as things progress but starting Monday, I may be incommunicado for a few days so stay tuned...

Oh yeah, I'm going to be teaching a 2-class 'learn to knit lace' course at Myrtle Station Wools and Ferguson's Knitting (Hwy 12 north of Brooklin) on two Saturdays coming up - October 3 and 24. Call the shop at (905)655-4858 for more information or to sign up. The fee is $60 and includes the skein of yarn for your project. I will be using the Branching Out pattern and will be covering needle size selection, casting on choices, reading a knitting chart, increasing using yarnovers and various decreases. In the second class I'll review these concepts and cover finishing the scarf and demonstrating wet blocking.

Also a Durham Region yarn crawl is being organized so I'll post the date when it becomes known. Possible participants will be On The Lamb in Uxbridge, Myrtle Station Wool & Ferguson's in Myrtle Station (Ashburn), Kniterary in Whitby, Never Enough Wool in Port Perry and Soper Creek Yarns in Bowmanville.

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