Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Stitching Art

My sister recently discovered the simple beauty of the works of Ojibwa artist, Benjamin Chee Chee. She found a Stitching Studio cross-stitching pattern of one of his works, "Learning". Skip has a print of the original above the desk in his office.

I offered to stitch it for her. It's pretty simple and is stitching up pretty quickly. There are quite a few 3/4 stitches but the backstitching goes pretty quickly.
Stitching the solid parts with three strands is a bit of a pain but the backstitching is with two threads.

The finished design size will measure 11.1" x 9.4" on the 32 count Belfast Linen over 2 stitches.

To make the edges look smoother, I'm going to backstitch all around the solid parts.

Tonight is the September meeting of the Trillium Embroidery Guild at the Whitby Public Library. I'm glad I'll have something interesting to stitch. Also, the top of the 'hearts' quilt should be there for us to see.