Sunday, 25 October 2009

Hallowe'en Preparations

Skip and Scooter undertook their annual pumpkin carving today. As usual, power tools were involved.

We all learned that a slower speed with the spade bit reduces the amount of flying pumpkin 'schrapnel'.

Skip carved his usual 'vomiting pumpkin' (pictured in the centre). It is always a hit with the neighbourhood children (and their parents).
He has saved the 'vomit' (the guts of the pumpkin) and will wait put it out until Hallowe'en night, otherwise the squirrels will steal all the seeds.

We often reminisce about the conversation that took place one Hallow's Eve a few years back. Skip had carved his first vomiting pumpkin and it was proudly on display on the front step. A little girl dressed, not surprisingly, as a princess and no more than 4 years old, came to the door. She took one look at Skip's contribution to the Hallowe'en décor and said in a high pitched 4-year-old voice looking at Skip, "Did you make that?". To which Skip responded to the affirmative. Without missing a beat she observed, "Looks like it ate too many seeds". I burst out laughing from the other room.

All 'artistes' sketch their works of art before rendering them in final form. Here is a shot of Skip's sketch torn from his 'sketchbook'.

I need to 'get cracking' and finish MY pumpkin.

Only 6 more sleeps 'til Hallowe'en!

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  1. LOL..Luv to see that pumpkin with the 'vomit'. Geri who is Scooter? Son...grandson?