Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Moose Loves Roses - The Finale

I have been rather obsessed with knitting these mittens.

Aside from the very cool pattern of the moose and its reflection with the tree and snow, I really like the Latvian braid.

I finished them this afternoon in time to show them off at the knitting guild this evening.

I also attempted a Ravelry introduction but it took 3 laptops, two ethernet cords, 2 digital projectors, 2 technicians and 40 minutes during our meeting to get one of the laptops to work with the digital projector. Argh!

Now I really must finish the Lace and Cable blanket. I just found the 10th ball of yarn that had gone missing - YAY!

I need to start thinking about what I'm going to pack for the New York Sheep and Wool Festival. Marion and I will be heading out early Friday morning. Wheeee!!! It's a 7.5h drive but it'll likely take us 9 hours factoring in rest and lunch stops. We hope to visit Countrywool in Hudson, NY only a few miles from where we'll be staying but it closes at 4pm so it will be close.

Next thing I want to cast on is the Sagrantino Shawl. It's almost identical to the Swirl Shawl by Lijuan Jing. I'm not sure which one came first but the Sagrantino Shawl pattern was free!


  1. Those mittens are stunning Geri! Please take lots of pics when you go to Rhinebeck. Please take pics of some of those incredible fleeces pour moi!!!

  2. WOW! Those mittens are lovely! Stunning! Oh-so-amazing!!! Bravo & Well done!!!! Good for you for finishing them so beautifully!!!

  3. Love the mittens! Found you via Robyn Love. :)