Sunday, 8 November 2009

Hardanger Class

Yesterday I took an intermediate Hardanger class from X's and Oh's'  Jo Gatenby at Hedgehog Stitchery. This is the finished item we were striving for:

I got the 'homework' assignment (completing the kloster blocks) ahead of time and spent hours trying to complete it between Thursday night and Saturday morning. On Friday evening, I realized I was probably the only one who got the homework assignment ahead of time anyway and that the other participants in the class wouldn't have done anything on the homework so I relaxed and determined I was ready for any new stuff we would be taught.

We spent the morning stitching kloster blocks and after lunch were instructed on wrapped and woven bars,
woven bars with picots,

split bars with adjoining wraps,

and square filets.

We reviewed dove's eyes and Algerian eyelets with which I'm quite familiar from previous projects.

The red stitching is all I was able to accomplish in 3 hours in the afternoon (!). Clipping and pulling the threads took quite a bit of time as well as a repair I had to make when I pulled one thread too many.

Needless to say this will be an ongoing project.

Hardanger really isn't that tedious, however, I think I should stick to smaller projects in the future if I want to get them done in any reasonable time.

Our next class will be in the spring and Jo will be designing a cat for us with a few more new stitches. I hope we can get the 'homework' at least a week ahead of time.

I have been working on the Every Way Wrap from the Fall 2009 Interweave Knits. It's a very cool pattern because (except for one 1x1 cable) it is totally reversible - the cables and moss stitch appear on both sides. After re-reading the instructions, I realized I hadn't done the ribbing properly. I had just jumped in with K2, P2 ribbing not realizing I was supposed to start with a K3 first. After looking at the project on Ravelry,  I also learned that in the legend, the wrong definitions were placed with the symbols so I had to hunt down and reprint the corrections.


So here it is, restarted with all the corrections made. I'm on the second repeat of the cable pattern. This is my first time using Cascade 220 yarn and I'm liking it so far. To make a smoother garter stitch edge I'm slipping the first stitch purlways with the yarn in front (wyif) on the first stitch of every row. It's a technique I learned knitting all those Estonian lace shawls.

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