Sunday, 29 November 2009

Lack of Commitment

When we were at the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair a couple of weeks ago, I bought some pencil roving from Belle Vallée Wools. There were two light grey and two natural white bundles.

I spun one spool of each and then plied them together. Today I spun and plied the remaining two bundles.

The skein I plied today has 40 more yards and weighs 4g less than the skein I spun and plied a couple of weeks ago. There is a total of 297yd and 134g (4.7 oz.). Because of the inconsistent yarn weight between skeins, I guess I'll have to alternate skeins if I ever knit something with it.

Of course my dilemma always is - what do I knit with the yarn I've spun? I have trouble committing my handspun to a project. It's so sad to use it up. For now, I'll just hang on to it for some special, future project.

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  1. Well Geri, I think you are missing out if you don't knit with your own handspun. My two stepsisters are hooked on knitting with handspun (mine luckily) and so am I :)