Sunday, 27 December 2009

Annemor #12 - The Second

I finished the second pair of Annemor #12 mittens - this time in black and white.

They are so fun to knit! It's like knitting about half of a sock (in comparing the number of stitches) - and no heel turning! As long as one is comfortable with two-colour knitting, they're so easy. My preferred method of two-colour knitting has me holding one colour in each hand. I 'throw' with my left hand and 'pick' with my right. Because I am a fairly tight knitter - I also knit them inside out so that the strands are at their maximum apogee.

The thumb is a hybrid gusset/peasant thumb. The original pattern was for gloves so I just repeated the star pattern and began the decreases once I finished the widest part at the top of the second star.

I have cast on the next pair - this time a 'rose' pattern based on the eight-sided star. It's Annemor #11 and I'm knitting with dark grey and white yarn. This pair will be for me.

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  1. They are addictive aren't they? I have knit 5 pairs of the Selbuvotter with handspun alpaca and one pair of the gloves but I didn't do the patterned fingers on the gloves. The pair I am working on now are with handspun brown romeldale and white finn wool and this time I am making the patterned fingers! Darn it...I am still waiting for Terri's new book to be released :)