Thursday, 17 December 2009

Olympic Excitement!!!!

When Skip checked the route of the Olympic torch relay last week he noted that it would be passing ('x' on the map) only a few metres from our house.

The bad news is that it would be at about 5:40am! However, it is not every day that the Olympic torch passes by so Skip and I got ourselves up shortly after 5am, donned several layers of clothing to cope with the -20C (with wind-chill) temperature and headed out the door over to the corner to witness this historic event.

Not surprisingly, there were several other like-minded, early-rising townspeople assembling to take in the event - including our neighbour dogs, Rudy (in the red sweater) and Oscar (in blue) and their owner.

First came a grouping of vehicles including the bus with several torch bearers inside. Relay participants were being dropped about 300m apart along the route.

Our young lady alit amid a surge of cries of the enthusiastic crowd. Her shiny, white torch was ready to be lit.

A few minutes later another group of vehicles approached in preparation for the relay participant with his lighted torch held high. I love how one can see the maple leaf on his right mitten. (click on the photo!)

Right at our corner he joined the next participant and lighted her torch from his and off she went amid more enthusiastic cries from all those assembled.

Then came the bus that picked up him and his now-extinguished torch. And that was pretty much it.

It was pretty exciting, albeit briefly.

In knitting news, I have completed the first black and white Annemor #12 I'm knitting for Yvonne.

I still need to knit the thumb but I have cast on the 2nd mitten and have the cuff completed and about half of the first star pattern.

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