Thursday, 24 December 2009

'Twas the Day Before Christmas

We decided to have our Christmas dinner last night while Scooter was still with us. It's his mother's turn to have him on Christmas morning and day this year. The capon we got from the butcher was delicious! Skip doesn't particularly like turkey leftovers and since we had turkey at Easter AND Thanksgiving, we had capon this time. From the first bite we could tell it was going to be delicious. I am now ruined for those raggedy old rotisserie chickens or whole chickens that are sold at the grocery store.

Scooter opened his gifts from us after lunch. He deemed it a 'good haul'. We are quite pleased with ourselves as he didn't give his father and me a list this year.

Last weekend he did ask me to knit him some gloves he could use with his iTouch, so I used Ruth Bendig's Hogwarts House gloves and knit a little flap for the index finger.  I don't know how impressed Scooter was with the gloves but I had a lot of fun knitting them.

This morning we had a brief power outage and since then I have not been able to boot up my PC. Argh!  The computer is about 5 years old but it has enough memory and a big enough hard drive - I just want it to start! Waaaah. I guess I'll have to take it in for a diagnosis next week. Pooh!

This is the empathetic sticky note that Skip stuck on my monitor this afternoon.

It certainly captures the essence of my mood now that I have had to resort to using my old laptop exclusively.

He got a variety of sticky notes like this from his friend, Bob, for his birthday. In a quest for some to use with my knitting, I snagged a few that say "Balls".

I'm rather bummed out about the failure to boot as my last backup onto my external hard drive was a couple of weeks ago. I will be able to get most photos back from people I sent them to but am lamenting the loss of some of my teaching notes. Hopefully the techies I'll take my CPU to next week will be able to fix the booting issue. Now, to find the CDs that came with the computer....

I finished Yvonne's Selbuvotter Annemor #12 mittens in black and white.

They look very spiffy and I have cast on another pair in grey and white using the Annemor #11 pattern. They're for me.

I can't locate my Moose Loves Roses mittens. I have no idea where I've put them. I don't think I left them anywhere outside of the house but I'd sure like to find them.

Here we are as we were getting ready to head out to our friends' , Norm and Lena, for a Swedish Christmas Eve. You can read about what it entails here.

I wish you all a very Merry Christmas, a restful and enjoyable holiday with your friends and family.

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