Wednesday, 2 December 2009

A Yarny Christmas

My BFFs (Best Fibre Friends) Elaine and Marion and I made our yarny Christmas wreaths at Marion's today. We've been planning this for months and modeled ours after last year's Starbucks Christmas wreaths.

Georgie snoozed by the fire in his basket.

We played and sang along with some of our favourite Christmas CDs including Barry Manilow's, Barbara Streisand's, Harry Connick Jr.'s, and a couple of traditional carol CDs.

We wrapped styrofoam balls with yarn and planned our layouts. We then started hot glueing and wiring our yarn balls and unbreakable (plastic) ornaments to the wire wreath frames.

Ta Da!                           Elaine's                                                                 Marion's

I had to make two smallish wreaths because I have a double front door. I have broken out my festive attire now that it is December. In my former life - when I was working - I sported a different outfit for every school day during the month of December. I out-dressed many a colleague who attempted to compete with me and always won awards for the most festively dressed teacher. I still continue this sartorial tradition every year.
When I got home I added a few 1" diameter red and gold balls from my former door wreaths to fill in some of the little gaps.

We're already planning our Ukrainian Easter egg (pysanky) drawing session which will be taking place chez moi next March.

We're so crafty!


  1. Wow, the wreaths turned out beautifully!

  2. The wreaths are so great! They look perfect, and I bet you smile each time you see them....what a blast to make them with your friends! Hurrah for Yarn all over the house!