Friday, 8 January 2010

All Better Now

I got my CPU back today. YAY! The hard drive was replaced with a bigger one that runs much cooler. The power supply was also replaced and my RAM was doubled to speed things up somewhat. AND all my data was recovered and transferred to the new hard drive and everything works and I'm still on the Windows XP platform. YES!

So most of the innards of my computer have been replaced/updated and it's like a new one for under $300 including labour and tax.

In knitting news, I've been working on NHM #7 from the "Selbuvotter:..." book. It's a 'four-leaf clover" pattern.

 I'm using Briggs & Little Durasport yarn and 2.75mm needles. The mittens are a little bigger than when I use the same needles and same number of stitches with the Sisu yarn. Skip wants them to put over his gloves for when he's shovelling snow. I'm going to let Skip have them - for now. Then I'll knit him a nice, plain pair and felt them. They'll be much more durable that way.

Another reason I'm thrilled the computer is back and working is now I can retrieve the sock lesson notes I had already made and finish prepping for the class I'm teaching on the weekend.

Tomorrow Skip and I are going to the Timex outlet. I want to get a heart rate monitor watch. I'm also interested in looking at the ladies' Expedition watches. After that we're heading to our favourite 'dim sum' place in Markham. They have lunch specials from Monday to Friday before 11:30am and after 1:30pm where the dishes regardless of size are only $2 each.  Yum! And a bargain, too! After that, we're going to make a quick stop at Mary's Yarns in Unionville before setting out for home.

Life is good.


  1. Mmmm...dim sum...sounds good.
    I have Briggs and Little yarn I bought at their New Brunswick factory and I find it too scratchy to use.

  2. I agree. It IS scratchy. However, I wanted to knit at least one pair of the mittens with yarn that I figured was fairly close to the original yarn that may have been used.