Sunday, 31 January 2010

Days Four and Five - Finally in Texas

We crossed the Texas state line yesterday morning. It was nice and sunny and the temperatures were in the teens Celsius. We decided to go a little farther than Port Lavaca and spent the night in Sinton, TX (pop. 5,354). This morning we drove to the Rio Grande Valley ending up in McAllen, TX. Tomorrow we'll move into our condo on South Padre Island, unpack and go grocery shopping. All this restaurant eating is disastrous to my waistline.

I finally downloaded my photos taken during our epic voyage.

Here's Skip and the car just as we're getting ready to pull out.
This was the fancy McDonalds we bought lattes at:
People were just hanging out there, reading the paper, using the wifi, watching the big TV, etc.

I  became quite proficient at multi-tasking while Skip drove.
 This was one of the attactions in Tuscaloosa, AL - home of the University of Alabama Crimson Tide.
I knew we were really in the south when we started seeing mistletoe in the trees. The arrow is pointing to mistletoe. It is a parasite that grows in the form of round balls of tiny-leaved foliage.

Mississippi had a very fancy tourist information centre.
The stepping stones on the ground in front of the sign were quite informative:

And the inside of the building was impressive: 

We finally made it to Louisiana in the torrential rain.

I use lots of navigational devices when Skip drives. It keeps me out of trouble.

After about 3400km, we arrived in the Rio Grande Valley under sunny, clear skies and temperatures of 15C.

I ♥ palm trees.

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