Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Four-Leaf Clover Mittens

I finished these mittens today.

NHM #7 - Four-Leaf Clover Mittens.

I used 'sticky' wool yarn that would have been closer to the kind used in Norway than the sock yarn I had been using. It is Briggs and Little Durasport and has some nylon in it but is fairly 'scratchy'. Since the feet have the thickest skin on them of the whole body, I guess it would be OK for socks but the Durasport makes a pretty fine mitten, too.

I have enough left over to make several more pairs and I found a hank of a lovely heathered purple Durasport in my stash as well.

The "Icelandic Star" cardigan is coming along. I'm very close to the point on the body of it where I'll set it aside and start the sleeves. I'll have to do a bit of math to calculate the sleeve length that I like and proportionate increases but for the most part it's stocking stitch once I get past the two-colour work above the cuffs. I am making the body an inch or two longer than the model in the magazine and not quite as form-fitting. I also plan to do the grey and white stars on all of the black fair-isle detail on the body and the sleeves instead of just on the yoke.

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  1. Wow you are really churning out those mittens! Lovely!