Sunday, 17 January 2010

♫"Knitting in the Dark" ♫

I went to see "Precious" today. It was an excellent movie and I'm very pleased Mo'nique just won (as I'm writing this) a Golden Globe award for her role. As I only have stocking stitch to do on the "Icelandic Star" cardigan for several inches, I took it to knit in the dark. I got a couple of inches done including finishing one ball of yarn and starting another.

Once home, I had a chance to take a look at what I had done and checked to see if I had made any mistakes. And there were none! Yay!


I'm starting to think of projects to take with me to Texas. I have a couple of mitten patterns I want to do and this tam:

In this colourway ------>

(Photos by Jared Flood)

The pattern is in Jared Flood's new Classic Elite book "Made in Brooklyn". I'm going to be using yummy soft alpaca yarn. The key to blocking it is using a dinner plate. I'm sure I'll be able to find one in Texas.

 I had lots of fun yesterday teaching the second of two sock classes. My students all had opted to do the 'Eye of Partridge' heel after seeing how nice it looked compared to a plain sl 1, k1 heel flap. They really seemed to get the hang of grafting using Kitchener stitch on their little swatches. After correcting my omission on the pattern (I was mortified!), they got underway decreasing for the toe. I'm sure they'll be able to finish up their socks very capably.

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  1. What a beautiful hat pattern.
    Have a great time in Texas!