Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Our Odyssey - Day One

We got away this morning by 8:45. We had a very uneventful drive and no lineup at the Bluewater Bridge crossing into the US. The drive through Detroit was amazingly easy with only very light traffic as was the drive through Toledo. I love the Interstate system in the US. We arrived in Lima (pronounced like the bean), Ohio at about 4:45. Tomorrow we hope to make it into Alabama tomorrow as we're trying to outrun a storm that is already hitting Oklahoma.

One remarkable thing today was a McDonalds south of Toledo where we had a 'comfort' stop. They made an awesome McLatte and the dining area looked like a Second Cup with a two-sided fireplace in the middle with big flat-screen TVs above each one and lots of comfy seating for eating and wifi use. People were there checking e-mail, watching CNN on the TV and enjoying their McMeals with friends. Their McBathrooms were also very fancy and clean.

I did some knitting in the car (while Skip was driving) and got the welt band done on the Kaffe Fassett hat but I had to change needle size to start the leaf pattern and couldnt't reach them so I did some more work on the second sleeve of the purple cardigan.

After supper, I got the needle size changed on the hat but had to tink and frog several times after realizing I wasn't reading the pattern properly. Part of it is because the pattern is translated from German and the other factor is most likely that I'm quite pooped after only 4 hours of sleep last night. I was so geeked up about the trip, it was like I'd downed a few espressi before going to bed. Tonight, I'm sure I'll drop off to sleep quite easily.

Tomorrow will be a long day. We hope to travel at least 800km with an 8am (or earlier) departure and gaining an extra hour crossing into Central time.

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  1. That McDonald's sounds very cool!! Glad to hear you've had a good drive on your first day!