Friday, 29 January 2010

Our Odyssey - Day Three

Today we continued on our southward itinerary. We had a fairly easy drive through the NW corner of Birmingham, AL before heading in a SW direction on I-20 through Tuscaloosa, AL; Meridian and Jackson, MS; then down I-55 to I-12 to Baton Rouge, LA then to I-10 to Lafayette, LA where we are spending the night - for a total of 753km.

Great things:
  • I found my misplaced knitting this morning! YAY! It was shoved under the driver's seat of the car. I even got a couple of rows knit on it.
  • the temperatures rose from 6C near Birmingham, AL this morning to a high of 19C in Lafayette when we checked into our lodgings.
  • we had an excellent Italian meal at Antoni's in Lafayette near the U of Lafayette campus
  • our plan to evade the freezing rain worked!
Not-so-great things:
  • it poured rain for much of our drive today
  • some of the pavement on the interstates today was really noisy to drive on. Combined with the torrential rain, it was a very wearing drive
  • the temperatures have dropped this evening since the sun went down
Tomorrow, we are aiming for Port Lavaca, TX on the Gulf of Mexico. We have made reservations at the Best Western there which is 1 mile from the Formosa Wetlands walkway, an elevated walk of recycled plastic stretching over coastal wetlands into Lavaca Bay at the Lighthouse Beach and Bird Sanctuary.

Sunday night we plan to spend the night near McAllen, TX in Edinburg - home of the Scenic Wetlands aka the sewage ponds.

I haven't dug out my camera USB cord so I can't post any photos yet. Hopefully tomorrow.


  1. Thanks for letting me know you are there...listening. Wow are you a good at keeping up on your blog - you inspire me.


  2. Looking forward to those photos Geri.
    So glad you found your knitting:))
    There's still an awful cold snap here.