Thursday, 28 January 2010

Our Odyssey - Day Two

Great things:
  • we got up bright and early this morning and got on the road by 6:45am. Today we decided to drive as far as we could in daylight hours as we were trying to outrun the snow/ice/freezing rain storm that is coming across from Oklahoma almost to the day of the BIG ICE STORM that went through last year.
  • we believe we were successful in outrunning the storm as we made it 300+km south of the predicted line of ice and snow.  We will get rain tomorrow but it won't be in solid form.
  • we crossed into Central time somewhere in Kentucky so got another hour of driving in for a total of 11 hours on the road (counting comfort and food stops) and covered 930km. Major cities we drove through were Dayton, Cincinnati, Louisville, Nashville and we're just north of Birmingham, AL tonight.
  • we asked the desk clerk at our motel for his restaurant recommendations. As a result we ate an amazing barbequed pork dinner at Full Moon Barbeque  - the "Best Little Pork House in Alabama". (urp)
  • this evening just before the sun went down it was 15C here. I didn't wear my coat at any time once we left Lima, OH this morning.
  • I made significant progress on the Kaffe Fassett leafy lace pattern hat during today's trip. I only had to 'tink' the first row I knit this morning a couple of times but got the hang of the leaf pattern enough to get several rows done. 
Not-so Great Thing:
  • I lost said (effing) leaf pattern hat project and needles!!!!!!!  I couldn't find it after checking into the motel this evening. I haven't torn the car apart yet and am hoping it'll appear tomorrow but tonight I can't find it. Argh!!! Those of you who know me personally will also note that this is not the first time I've lost a knitting project on a car trip.

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