Sunday, 10 January 2010

Stash Containment

Skip and I had a fun day at IKEA the other day. We had a terrific Swedish meatball combo lunch and then shopped for various items. One of the items I bought was a birch Expedit shelving unit and 2 Lekman sliding bins.
Today, I finally got things moved out and around in my office and got the unit assembled, up and loaded. It looks like a mini yarn shop in here now. I grabbed some knitting books that were lying around the room and was pleased to see that there was more than enough height to the shelf to accommodate them.

 I don't have a very big stash, nor is this all of it. However between this unit and the other containers that I have, it pretty much takes care of my unused yarn. I do have a bunch of UFOs that I'm deciding whether I'll frog and rewind the yarn, will finish them up or take them with me to work on during our holiday in Texas.

My husband refers to me as 'acquisitive'. I appreciate the euphemism but really would call myself a packrat, have a lot of 'stuff' and am somewhat messy. It is good, however, to tackle some piles and do a purging. It does make me feel somewhat freer.

Yesterday I spent the afternoon teaching a sock class and then sitting and knitting with my 'peeps'. Knitters understand other knitters and the passion we have for the creative process, the tactile satisfaction of working with lovely yarn and the challenges posed when tacking a new project. What a lovely way to spend one's time.

While there, I finished the first NHM #7 mitten except for the thumb. It's called a 'four-leaf clover' pattern.

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  1. Nice shelves...I luv IKEA. I need some of those shelves myself.
    Hey's the spinning coming (or not)?
    I wish you didn't live so far from me:(