Friday, 15 January 2010

What Knitting Podcasts Do I Listen To?

Sitting around this afternoon at my Thursday after knitting group we started talking about knitting podcasts. I love them. My husband doesn't like it when I read in bed when he's trying to sleep so podcasts are my substitute for that relaxing activity before I fall asleep. Many mornings I wake up having slept on top of my iPod all night or somewhat tangled up in my earphones.

Here are some that I regularly download. I'm won't insert all of the links so just google them and listen to them or download them as you see fit. You can also open iTunes and use the search feature to download them. You can subscribe to podcasts and then they'll automatically download whenever a new one is available the next time you open iTunes. Then synch your iPod. If you don't have an iPod, you can listen to them on your computer or download them to your mp3 player.

Here they are in no particular order:
  • The KnitPicks Podcast - KnitPicks
  • Ready, Set, Knit! - WEBS podcast
  • Sticks and String Podcast - David Reidy, 'an Australian bloke who knits'
  • Never Not Knitting Podcast
  • Knit Obsession with zknits
  • Knitty Nora's Knitting Natter
  • The Manic Purl Podcast
  • She-Knits Smalltalk Podcast (formerly She-Knits Podcast: the Knitting Circle)
  • Yarn Thing: Crochet and Knitting
  • Limenviolet's Podcast (I find this one quite annoying but some may enjoy 
  • Socks in the City
  • Stitch Stud and his Bride
  • Sleepy Eyes Knits
  • Let's Knit2gether - a video podcast
Today, I started the Icelandic Star cardigan from the Winter 2009 Interweave Knits. I don't have a photo of the first 4 1/2 inches that I've knit but this is the yarn I'm using:

The purple is the main colour. Some knitters on Ravelry have knit it in the round and steeked it so as to avoid having to purl with two colours but I haven't tried steeking yet and wasn't brave enough to do it with this big project so I'm just doing it as printed. I'm not finding that purling the two-colour work is very difficult anyway.

This sweater is seamless with the body and sleeves knit separately and then joined at the yoke with the fair isle pattern. Then the little stars are embroidered along the centre of the fair isle design.

I think it will knit up quite quickly.

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  1. What a beautiful cardigan...I never saw that.
    I wish I could work on a cardigan ...I never seem to make anything for myself.