Saturday, 20 February 2010

A Big Birding Day

This morning, we awoke to warmer temperatures and went for a 1.25hour walk on the beach. The fog lifted as the morning wore on. After lunch, we went to the Birding Centre to see what we could see. And this is some of what we saw:

 A great blue heron airing out his wings,

a great egret stalking his prey,

a long-billed curlew,

spotted sandpipers (they don't get spots 'til the summer),

a willet,

a dozen snoozing black-bellied whistling ducks,

14 roseate spoonbills,

a red-eared slider,

a big 'gator,

Mr. and Mrs. Widgeon,

a yellow-crowned night-heron (I'd never been that close before!),

and several white ibis.

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