Saturday, 6 February 2010

C is for ...

I finished the purple 'Icelandic' cardigan last night and just need to find some appropriate buttons and embroider the stars.

I had a better photo but due to wretched Internet connectedness, I've settled on using this one.

Today was a beautiful sunny day. It started out cloudy but cleared by mid-morning so Skip and I beetled over to the birding centre on the Island to explore more of the boardwalks. We saw several white ibis, a northern harrier, yellow-rumped warblers, white and brown pelicans, blue-winged teal, pintail ducks, great egrets, white egrets, great blue herons, the black-crowned night heron, yellowlegs, killdeer, mallards, and an immature moorhen that we initially thought was a sora.  We also saw a little alligator. Of course, I forgot to bring my camera - one of these days I'll remember to get some pictures.

We had a delicious lunch at one of our favourite places on the island, Zeste. Then back to the condo to rest up.

For happy hour we went to the Quarterdeck bar at the Isla Grand Beach Resort. There was an unbelievably cheesy duo consisting of a husband and wife in their 70s. They had a karaoke machine. The wife pushed the buttons to bring up the tune and the husband sang Pat Boone style. I requested "Tequila Makes Her Clothes Fall Off" but we had to leave before they got to it. I looked around and realized, "Oh my God, I've become my parents!". It was exactly like a place they would have gone on a holiday to get cheap booze and hear music of their era. Except where we found it to be cheesy, they would have found it to be delightful. Sheesh!

'Happy Hour' consists of $2.50 frozen margaritas (I had 2) and $2 draft beers plus free snacks - crudites and meatballs. My former colleagues would have loved it. The 'snacks' ended up being our evening meal. Aside from the cheesiness, smoking (ugh) was allowed in the bar so it was a bit stinky.

After we got back to the condo, I started a cross-stitch project that I'd been wanting to do for a while. I forget when and where I bought the pattern. I got quite a bit done.

C is for ...Le Chat

I will start another knitting project tomorrow when I decide what it will be. Tomorrow will be another lovely, sunny day and we hope to get to the rodeo in Los Fresnos. It's expensive but hey - how often does one get to go to a real Texan rodeo?


  1. Beautiful sweater Geri. Don't feel to bad about turning into your parents. It happens to us all eventually I think...ugh!
    Don't be riding any bulls at the rodeo:))

  2. Hi Geri

    Sweater looks lovely - hope you don't have to use it much in SPI. I see that the weather in Houston is 50's 60's --- UGH! I gather you don't have a phone and that is why you havent given me a phone number. I thought u were going to get a cell phone.

    I am just finishing up packing here - going to Jimmy's this afternoon and plane leaves at 7:10 am so will be up early.

    U can delete this - talk to you soon