Thursday, 18 February 2010

Fin and Feather

Yesterday Skip and I went on a "Fins to Feathers" birding tour by boat. We explored some of the little islands and shoals in and around Port Isabel.
We had the opportunity to see a lot of shore birds in a fairly small period of time and were able to get really close to some of them.

Here are some we saw:

black-necked stilts,

marbled godwit,

royal tern (left) and Caspian tern (right),

a couple of American oystercatchers,

and a lone roseate spoonbill.

For the 'fin' portion of the trip, a couple of bottle-nose dolphins came to visit.

Rozzie, the dog, would get quite excited and run to see them. Skip thinks the dog could hear them before they'd surface.

Here are Rozzie and I enjoying the sunshine during the coldest winter they've seen in south Texas for a very long time. He's a very good dog.

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