Saturday, 13 February 2010

Let the Games Begin!

During the opening ceremonies last night, I cast on my project for the 2010 Knitting Olympics. It is a pair of Annemor #16 mittens using  Jamieson & Smith 2 ply jumper weight yarn. One could say it is 'sticky' yarn.

(You will note from the photo that although we are in south Texas, I am wearing a woolen sweater as well as wool socks. We even had to put the heat on in the condo last night.)

The cast on and beginning of the Latvian braid is always a bit 'fiddly' but once the first braid was done, it moved along nicely.

This is the 6th pair of mittens I've knit from this book. I like how one can mix and match the different elements - cuffs, palms, backs, thumbs, etc. I haven't knit any gloves yet but simply modify the glove patterns for mittens.

I'm using the cuff design from Annemor #8 as I didn't particularly like the one on #16. I really like the palm pattern of #16, though. It kind of looks like cross-cross plaid. The Selbu star pattern on the back is more like a star and rose hybrid. 

Skip got a couple of pictures of the Beaumont tam now that is is blocked and wearable.

There is more than enough yarn to knit another one unless I can find a nifty scarf or neck warmer pattern that I like. The Mini Alpakka is so lovely and soft.

With respect to the opening ceremonies, I was impressed with all the performances except the version of "O! Canada" that was sung. I have a 'thing' about how it is performed. It is not a hymn nor a funeral dirge - it is an anthem - and should move along at a good clip. The French parts did pick up somewhat but when the singer (whoever she was) sang in English again - it dragged. I did like the performance of the Vice Regal Salute and LOVED Measha Breuggergosman's rendition of the Olympic Anthem. It is a very long and difficult musical number with a very wide range and she handled it brilliantly.

I'm thrilled Betty Fox was one of the flag bearers. And how nice for Barbara Ann Scott to have been involved as well.

I thought the presentation went very well, particularly all the electronic lighting  effects. The lighting of the cauldron, however, was an embarrassment. $30 million and it doesn't work ?! Sheesh. I did like the idea of Wayne Gretsky going through the streets to light the 'public' cauldron but it was rather anti-climactic somehow.

Generally, it was a very understated opening ceremony.

I sure hope we win a Gold Medal in something.

Today was sunny and much warmer - athough I'm still wearing jeans and a hoodie when we go out. It got up to 17C. We went birding at the Atascosa National Wildlife Refuge. Photos will follow...

Tomorrow we hope to go to the Sabal Palm Audubon Refuge along the Rio Grande outside of Brownsville - weather permitting.

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  1. Hi Geri! I thought the opening ceremonies were pretty well done. A good representation of Canada.
    I am knitting the pair of Fair Isle gloves from Alice Starmore's book with my handspun alpaca colours. The fingers are so fiddly but the practice one gets with the Selbuvotter really helps:)