Monday, 8 February 2010

Wicked Witch Mitts

For Superbowl Sunday (23C this afternoon), I finished the first Wicked Witch Mitten. I call it that because I'm using KnitPicks Imagination alpaca sock yarn in the Wicked Witch colourway.

The pattern is Annemor #10 from the Selbuvotter book. It was a glove pattern that I modified to make mittens. The yarn is a wee bit thinner than regular sock yarn so it is snug, however I can stretch it out a bit when I block it.  I'll cast on the second mitten tomorrow.

During the Superbowl (YAY SAINTS, BTW) I also finished the little French Country cross-stitch project I started a day or two ago.

It was very easy and quick. I have two others at home (the Pumpkin and the Apple) that I'm now inspired to stitch up. I'm not sure how I'll finish them yet.

Yesterday after our outing, we stopped into the local grocery store, HEB, to pick up a few things. I remembered from some of my blog reading that there are some different flavours of Mexican KoolAid, hence different colours. They only had the regular Anglo KoolAid flavours but there was an actual Mexican product called 'Klass' and there was tamarindo flavour which would make a brown dye. So I grabbed a few packs. They were on sale for 4 for $1.
 The plan tomorrow is to go golfing at the Fort Brown Golf Course near the university. The golf  course is so far south, Mexico is to the west and my cell phone welcomes me to Mexico when I pull into the parking lot. It's actually right on the Rio Grande and at that point, the river makes a big bend to the south. If the big wall is ever built on the levee, it will be cut off from the US as the levee is also north of the golf course.  We also hope to go birding at Sabal Palm Audubon Centre and possibly over at Boca Chica beach where the elusive Tamaulipas crow is known to frequent.

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