Saturday, 27 March 2010


Last night I baked a bunch of Easter egg-shaped sugar cookies. This evening I decorated them - making royal icing and even colouring it a bit. I used a ZipLoc bag as a piping bag and it worked pretty well. It was fun at Bulk Barn today picking out the sprinkles I used on the cookies. Of course, I had the decorated cookies all put away before I got a chance to take a photo. But here they all are stacked up.

I am not terribly creative but I think they do look quite festive.

Skip and Scooter have informed me that they are in the acceptable range taste-wise.

The Dianna shawl is coming along. I've almost completed tier #5. I did the math earlier and figure I can get 10 tiers out of this one ball of yarn. I do have a second ball, though, and would certainly use part of it if I felt it needed to be bigger.

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