Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Felted Mittens!

I finally got Skip's mittens felted. It only took two runs through my front-loading washer with a dark load. Skip wants them for shovelling snow. I'll put them away 'til next winter I guess.

This is what they looked like before felting. The paper is 8.5" x 11".
And after felting... (the paper is the same size as above). I added a nice manly stitch around the cuff. Initially I had knit a row of yarn that wouldn't felt and was going to add a ribbed cuff after felting but the cuffs were long enough without the ribbing so I embroidered in the stitch holes (after the waste yarn was removed). The only other modification was adding 5 extra rows to the thumb for a total of 15 before the decreases.
This Patons Classic wool yarn is great for felting. It didn't fuzz up at all. I have a couple of other project in mind for felting now.

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