Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Just When I Thought I Had It All Ready To Go or So Much for Good Planning

I decided to add the St. Moritz pullover to my projects on Ravelry. When I looked at the right margin where the yarns are displayed and their attributes, much to my horror, I noted that the Peer Gynt yarn is 8ply (22 sts = 4") and the Heilo is 5ply Sport yarn (24 sts = 4"). What???? I had been lead to believe that they were the same weight. It's my own damned fault, though. I should have read the ball band more closely. That explains why I was having trouble getting gauge as I usually have to go up at least one needle size due to my tight knitting.

So my choices were to continue knitting with the Peer Gynt yarn and purchase the black and white that I'd need to finish the sweater or find Heilo yarn to use with the black and white Heilo that I already have. I decided to get Heilo yarn for the grey and accent colours of red and gold. I tootled over to Kniterary to see if Martina had it in stock or could order it for me and the minimum order was 20 balls. I would have taken 10 but really didn't need 20. I checked eBay and there was a nice lot of 20 balls of Heilo yarn with enough grey for my project. The current bid was pretty good - about $18US but they were going to charge $19US for shipping!

Then I thought, I bet KnitPicks has a 5ply sport weight yarn that would work so I checked their website and not only is their Telemark yarn the right weight, it's only $2.19US per ball! Wheee! So quick like a bunny, I put in my order - my third KnitPicks order this week. So much for good planning. It should go well with the Heilo and will make a less dense fabric on the St. Moritz sweater than the Peer Gynt. I'll knit some other sweater with the Peer Gynt or a bunch of mittens or something. It's lovely scratchy wool.

In the meantime, while I wait for the Telemark yarn to arrive, I'm going to tackle a couple of WIPs and get them out of the way.

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  1. I like the Telemark yarn. It seems to be more tightly wound than Wool of the Andes and Palette.