Monday, 5 April 2010

Warm Weather! Random Stuff...

We had record-breaking warm weather this weekend. It was so nice to be outside in capri pants about 2 months before it is my usual attire.

On Saturday, I drove into The Big City to have brunch with Alexa, whose vocal recital I attended a couple of weeks ago, and Paul, whom I haven't seen in 16 years. I taught them in the 80s and they both majored in music in university (not that I had much to do with that). Paul attended my alma mater - the centre of all learning in the universe - the University of Western Ontario - and Alexa went to the University of Toronto. It is so nice to just pick up where we left off and get caught up. We had a great time. After eating, we wandered along Bloor St. and helped Paul tackle a few items on his shopping list.
Alexa accosted some kid on the street and asked him to take our picture.  I then bid my farewells and walked over to pick up Scooter at his mom's and we made our way out of the city and home. It is way nicer driving in The Big City on weekends when the traffic is a fraction of its usual volume.


When I step out my front door at home I hear this guy singing his little lungs out.

He's our resident house finch. I love how he looks like he's been dipped in raspberry juice.


On Thursday, the yarn for Skip's St. Moritz sweater was delivered and I started in on the sleeve. I have gauge on the solid stocking stitch but when I go up a needle size for the colourwork it really lengthens the row count.

I'm going to have to re-knit the sleeve eliminating 2" of the grey stocking stitch. Otherwise, they'll just be too long.

I'm also going to not increase as quickly in the sleeves as the pattern calls for (every 4 rounds) so they won't be so wide at the top.

I'm very glad I ordered an extra ball of the grey because I'm definitely going to need to use it.

I'm also shortening the body of the sweater by 2". I have about 7" done and will do two more inches before starting the colourwork. The stocking stitch is mind-numbing but I can read while I do it. I'll be really glad to start into the colourwork, though.

I watched a whole bunch of videos on how to do steeks and am fairly confident that I'll do an adequate job. I'll just "measure twice and cut once".

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