Sunday, 11 April 2010

♫ Just Keep Knitting, Just Keep Knitting ♫

I continue to work away on St. Moritz. The town is 200km SE of Zurich, Switzerland. The Dale of Norway sweater has 106 rounds of the color work which comprise the top 2/3 of the body and sleeves.I just finished round 52. This is the official sweater of the Norwegian National Ski Team for the 2003 Alpine World Championship.
Now visible are the 'high snow-covered peaks'. In the centre of the chest is the famous 'Edelweiss flower'. On either side of the flower is the cross from the Swiss flag.
On either side of the body and on both sleeves (one pictured below) the four-leafed rose represents the four languages spoken in Switzerland -- German, French, Italian and Romansch.
It's taking a while to get done, but the two-colour work in each round keeps my interest.  Whenever I get nervous about having to do the steeking for the sleeves, I just put it out of my mind. I will deal with cutting the finished body tube when I get to it.

Oh yeah, and this came in the mail the other day.

It's the little patch that will be stitched onto the left sleeve.

I still have wanted to get my hands on the out-of-print and sold out Dale of Norway Commemorative Issue 8501 featuring Whistler (made popular most recently by the YarnHarlot during the 2010 Knitting Olympics) and 4 other lovely sweater and hat patterns. Whilst reading a posting on the Dale of Norway group on Ravelry, someone suggested e-mailing the company indicating an interest in obtaining a copy of the booklet. The hope was if enough people contacted them, they might reprint that booklet and issue it for sale.

Much to my surprise, I received an e-mail from Larissa at that the .pdf downloads of this booklet were now available for $10US. Woo hoo! So quick like a bunny I purchased the download and it is now safely stored on my hard drive.

I have now decided that my favourite pattern from this booklet is Le Massif 2004 8501-3. Trees, mountains, ram's horns, snowflakes... what more could one want in an Alpine sweater pattern?

I have got about 1/3 of the Sweet Eleanor hat done using Ravelry red Malabrigo worsted.
I pick it up whenever I need a break from St. Moritz.


  1. Your sweater is looking great Geri....I really need to try the steeking technique one day for myself. I am going to make another sweater this year but it takes me a while to prep and spin the fleece I will use for my sweater yarn...that's why I don't get alot of sweaters done!

  2. Wow its looking fantastic. I have it on my list to someday knit a Dale sweater, they are beautiful. So I am watching your progress with envy, amazement and admiration!