Monday, 12 April 2010

Little Wee Socks

Fred and I are going to be visiting friends of ours and their new baby, Nate, who was born in November. From what I've seen of him (his photos on Facebook), he is adorable. I knit him this blanket last fall but thought he'd need some more knitwear so I knit him a pair of sport socks to take when we go visit.
 They're nice and warm and soft. Nate's mom will appreciate the washable wool.

I"m on row 62 of 106 on St. Moritz. The two-colour pattern is much less intricate the higher I get on the front. I'll be glad to get the body done as it's starting to get quite cumbersome having it on my lap and having to constantly be turning it as I knit around.

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