Monday, 5 April 2010

Look What I Made!

I've been wanting custom labels to sew into some of the knitting items I completed. While reading someone's blog, I came across this tutorial by Grumperina on how to make custom labels. All you need is iron-on transfer paper, an inkjet printer, a hot iron (no steam), satin ribbon (I used 7/8" but thinner would work, too) and Fray Check (I couldn't find mine so I used clear nail polish).
 They were easy-peasy to make once I got the hang of figuring out how to print a mirror image (Printer settings/Properties/Basics/Mirror Image) and also peeling off the transfer paper while the label was hot. I think they'll be an excellent and inexpensive way to personalize my knitted items. The recipient's name could be put on the label as well as the washing instructions (see bottom label).

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