Sunday, 18 April 2010

Next Step

I got the red lice stitched late last night. I didn't take pictures today in the good light so just have lousy flash photos.
Here's  a closeup. You can see the zigzag of stitches inside the back of the sweater. The red 'lice' are below the colourwork on the shoulders.
I have started in on a sleeve. I'm just above the cuff at the first increases. On the test sleeve below, I am only going to frog back to where I want the two colour work to start making the grey stocking stitch two inches shorter. That way I won't have to reknit the cuff and 7" of grey stocking stitch.
Today Skip and I ventured westward to the Pickering Flea Market in search of biryani for lunch. Skip had some last Monday in Toronto at a food court before the Jays' season opener and wanted to repeat the experience. We had a delicious lunch and each added a samosa to our biryani. Mmmm.

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  1. I make alot of biryani type of food with Pataks curry pastes in the jar. When I lived in Holland , we ate alot of Dutch Indonesian foods and satays. Mmmm boy it's the best ever YUM. Have you tried Sambal?