Saturday, 17 April 2010

St. Moritz Body - Done!

I finished the body of the St. Moritz sweater this evening. I'm in the process of duplicate stitching a couple of rows of red 'lice' because I didn't want to carry the red yarn every 8 stitches. Here it is before the duplicate stitching of the 'lice' just below the grey stitches below the gold line at the top. I'll post a shot with them done mañana.
I tried for a somewhat arty shot here:
I still am not thinking about the steeking - I've put it out of my mind. I need to get the two sleeves knit first. I'm also concerned that it might not be long enough. However, I can always cut it in the middle of the grey stocking stitch and insert an inch or two. We'll see how much grey yarn is left after I knit the sleeves. I'm going to block it first and see if I can add some length that way.

Today I got an email from that I get a coupon for $10. I'm not sure why. I paid $10 for the .pdf download of the Commemorative Booklet 8502. I'm not sure why I'm getting a credit. However I did see these nifty patches on their website that could be added to future Dale of Norway sweaters. I may even knit one for myself - most probably I'd modify it to be a cardigan.

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  1. wow - so beautiful - so amazingly beautiful - such a glorious bit of knitting this is! Bravo!!!!!