Sunday, 30 May 2010

Sex And The City 2

On Friday, we sent John, Rich and Fred off to the golf course and Francey and I took the GO train into The Big City to meet up with Nancy, Lorna, Sue and Erin. Our plan was to meet at 5:10, go for our dinner reservation at 5:15 and then head to AMC Dundas Square for the 7:20pm showing of Sex and The City 2. We've been planning this event for months and a couple of months ago Francey decided to fly up from Atlanta to join us.

Once Francey and I got to Union Station, we decided to walk up Bay St. and go into The Bay. At the Queen St. exit, we walked past the Thierry Mugley counter where several makeup artists were giving free 'makeovers' and we thought "Why not?" and booked ourselves a time. What really got our attention was a guy dressed all in white sporting real feathered angel wings.
Here, I'm asking Francey if my newly glossed lips make me look sexy.
And here we are, all 'glammed' up and ready to meet our friends for dinner.
On our way to meet the girls, we got our pictures taken with Miranda, Samantha, Carrie and Charlotte.

At dinner, Francey distributed the gifts she brought for each of us - little makeup bags embroidered with our nicknames from university in our sorority colours.

This is what 37 years of friendship looks like. ♥
From left to right: Erin (daughter of Sue), Geri, Nancy, Lorna, Francey and Sue.

After the movie, we went for drinks. Some of us enjoyed our first Bellini's. Much to our delight most of them had little red Sex and the City shoes on top.

I have learned that not only are Bellini's quite tasty they are very refreshing and probably quite nutritious ;-).

The weekend  had only just begun. The next day, we got together chez nous for a barbeque. I spent the afternoon looking up Bellini recipes on the Internet and attempting various batches.
This morning, Francey, Rich and I took a walk along the Waterfront Trail. As we were driving down my street, Francey noticed this great blue heron on the roof of the neighbour's house. Crazy!

This evening we'll all be going over to Lorna's for another barbeque. I'm sure more fun will ensue.

I sure love this summery weather. Good friends and good weather --- it doesn't get much better than this.


  1. mmmmm, Bellini's. what recipe did you like the best?

  2. Don't Bellini's have peach in them?
    I luv that Sex n the City pic with your two!
    Looks like you had a wonderful time. You are a real go getter Geri!

  3. I liked the Milestones recipe best (because that's what I knew) but I did a bit of improvization. When I tried to make them, I used peach nectar but the result wasn't 'peachy' enough so Lorna found peach Cool Quenchers (it looks like a little tetra pack in the frozen food section) at the grocery store and they made all the difference. They are also lower calorie as they contain aspartame. I found with the rum AND the champagne - it was too 'boozy' but using 7up gave the fizz and not as much booze. There was still rum and peach schnapps in it to give it a 'kick'. I didn't have sangría so just used some red wine. The trick is to put the red wine in the glass first, and then pour the frozen mixture in slowly. That way, the red part surrounds the frozen part. There was so much peach in the drink that the Merlot tasted like Sangría anyway. If you look at the last group photo around a table, you'll see the Bellini's in the margarita glasses.

  4. Oh I am so sorry I missed it all! Even though I have never seen a Sex and The City episode I know I would have had a blast with you guys!!! I thought you looked just marvelous as did the other very young looking Gammas..... :-)