Thursday, 27 May 2010

Staying Cool

It has been very hot and sticky so I've been seeking out air-conditioned locales - restaurants, grocery stores, hardware stores, my car, my house, etc.  Today Francey and I ran errands, including returning a couple of things and finding a tarp the correct size for our 10' x 13' gazebo. I did the math (including implementing the Pythagorean Theorem) and determined we needed a 15' by 20' tarp and it only took me 3 places to finally find it at Rona.

Tomorrow Francey and I are venturing into Toronto to do some shopping at the Eaton Centre and then will meet Lorna and Nancy after 5 to go for dinner before going to the 7:20 show of Sex and the City II. Sue and Erin will join us for dinner as well.

I continue to putter away on my Filigree sock; only a few more rows until I get to the ankle.


  1. Have fun at Sex and the City!

  2. Such a pretty sock! How do you kep the floats from gtting too tight to put the sock on?