Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Goin' Fishin'?

Today I bought myself a nifty thing at Bass Pro.
No, I haven't taken up fishing.

It has two zippered compartments with 10 zip lock-type bags in each one.
What ever would I use it for?

Knitting needle storage! I had read about these Finesse Binder Bags being great for organizing circular needles in a couple of places on the Internet (Ravelry, Knitter's Review). On the Bass Pro website there's even a review for this item by a knitter.
The zip lock-type bags hold most circular needle packages. On the one side are all my fixed circular needles and on the other, my needle tips and cords.

There are zippered pockets on both sides. There are also replacement bags but the ones I bought today didn't fit. I'll try to exchange them on Saturday when I'm in that area of the GTA again.

I did leave one like this (a double) behind after selecting the ones I bought myself. But they had lots of singles in medium and large sizes. The other two sizes cost a few dollars less. They're also available online but beware, the prices online are in US dollars. It comes to about $26 Cdn. including taxes.

You can order one for yourself here. Go for it!

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  1. That's pretty clever. I always love hearing about things "mis"-appropriated for knitting. ;-)