Friday, 4 June 2010

I Got First Place!!!

At our last Trillium Embroidery Guild meeting, an invitation for two to the Brooklin Fair Sponsors' Wine and Cheese was won by my stitching and knitting friend, Jennifer. She invited me to attend last night with her. I got to not only sip wine and nosh on cheese and crackers but also got to find out the results of my entries in the Homecraft competition.

I was very pleased that every one of my knitted entries won a prize. Four of them won second place and my Moose in Winter mittens won First Place in the 'Mitts' category.

Here they are again. I like the way the palm pattern continues up the thumb.
And the two backs of the mittens.
I 'friended' the designer, Jorid Linvik, on Ravelry and will be telling her that her design (and my execution) won first place.

I was a bit miffed when I learned that I was only going to get a sticker on my entry tag; no rosette - no ribbon at all (sniff!!).

Another surprising thing was that this toque....

Won over this (my) tam in the Adult Hat category.

AND the toque had a pom-pom for Pete's sake!

Oh, well.

Generally, I was pleased with the results of my first time ever entering a Homecraft competition.

One very cool thing I saw was a knit wall hanging that was comprised of garter stitch squares knit and pieced together by ten Grade 4 and 5 students from a local elementary school.

(click on the photo to enlarge) I just noticed the tractor in black on the bottom left. It incorporates the theme of this year's fair "Put the Spring in Your Tractor".

Today I finished the first Filigree sock. I decided to do a solid star toe rather than the graphed two-colour toe.  The pattern wasn't at a good spot when I had to start the toe so the top of the toe (instep side) would have looked a bit strange when I interrupted the pattern to start it.
I think the solid toe looks just fine.

These Tanis Fiber Arts Hand Painted Fingering Weight yarns are very nice. If I switch the dark and light colours, there will be more than enough to knit another pair of socks.


  1. Beautiful job on the Filigree socks! I love them!


  2. That is so totally ridiculous that simple hat won over your incredibly beautiful tam Geri. I think the people that judge some of these contests are rather primitive.

  3. No rosettes? Awww, shucks.

    Te plain toe looks lovely. In a way, it calls out the lovely in the pattern, as a contrast.