Wednesday, 16 June 2010

I ♥ Pot Luck (urp!)

This evening was the last meeting of the Trillium Embroidery Guild before our summer break. Like the December meeting, the June meeting is a pot luck of primarily snack food and desserts. 
This meeting is the General Meeting for the year at which the theme for the coming year is selected. This year the theme was 'butterflies' and members' butterfly projects are judged. The competition is called the TATA or Trillium Annual Themed Award and a few members who did not submit items are called upon to judge technical excellence and all the members vote for best piece in each category of kit/chart/adapted chart and original design.
This was the one original design incorporating butterflies.
Here were the items in the kit/chart/adapted chart category.

It wasn't until I looked at this photo on my computer that I realized it was actually a woman's face - duh!

This one was the winner of this category as well as winner of the technical excellence award. Maybe one day I'll learn how to do blackwork.
As usual, people brought their completed projects to show off.

Some Christmas ornaments...
A needle keep and thimble holder...
This was a very clever way to display the charms accumulated on a travel holiday, now that charm bracelets are not particularly in fashion.
Then I strolled around and took some shots of projects that are being worked on.

This giraffe would make a neat pillow cover.
Here, the entire picture is minuscule French knots with 1 strand of silk thread. Note - the frame is 6" in diameter which would make the picture about 2 1/2" x 4".
This beautiful project is being stitched with overdyed yarns over one thread. I'm guessing there would be about 30 stitches per inch. My eyes feel sore just thinking about stitching something this extensive over one thread!
Someone thought a book swap would be a good way to kick off the summer. If you brought a book, you could take a book. The idea was for there to be no books left at the end of the evening.
The Trillium Embroidery Guild is SO well organized and well run. Although I don't do a lot of stitching on an on-going basis, I really enjoy meeting with these ladies every month.

I look forward to seeing the results of their summer stitching when we re-convene in September.

By the way, the 2010-2011 TATA theme will be 'red'.


  1. Alot of very skilled and talented ladies in that group for sure. I enjoyed looking at their work.

  2. Do I see CUPCAKES???!??!!! Nom! I really find the butterfly/lips/flower embroidery fascinating.

  3. Yes, there was an awesome array of tasty treats. My favourite is the peanut butter chips and butterscotch chips melted together then mini marshmallows are stirred in. I think there's butter and vanilla in there, too. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!!!!! (oink).