Thursday, 29 July 2010

Aidan's Socks

When I was visiting my friend, Aidan, in June, he asked me if I would knit him a pair of socks with yellow, orange and green stripes.
Aidan, age 8
When I got home I remembered that I had hand painted some Blue Faced Leicester yarn those exact colours last fall at the yarn dyeing workshop I attended.

At the time, I tried to do fairly narrow bands of colour so as to avoid pooling of colours. Basically I wanted there to be a row or round of one colour, alternating with the other colours.
Believe it or not, the shade of green pictured above is called 'kelly green' . I really wanted to use 'spruce' which was a nice, darkish blue-green but it had run out by the time I got to dyeing this hank of yarn.

Once the dye was set by steaming the plastic-wrapped, Ziploc-encased yarn for an hour, rinsed and dried, it looked like this after rewinding into a skein.
The yellow adjacent to the kelly green made a lime green colour. The orange stayed pretty orangey.

I used fairly small needles so it would make a very sturdy fabric as there is no nylon to strengthen it. They will have to be hand washed but it doesn't involve too much extra work - basically soaking them for 20 min. in tepid water with wool wash, pressing the water out of them, rolling them in a towel to get more water out and laying flat to dry.

This evening I finished the second sock.

This is the first project I've completed with my hand painted yarn. Although the final product might not be exactly what Aidan envisioned, I hope he likes them anyway. It was fun to knit them for him.


  1. How exciting to finish off something with your own spun yarn! Very cool. I'm still trying to work up the nerve to try socks again (it's been almost 2 yrs since I last tried), but seeing these ones has almost gotten me off the sidelines to try again....maybe.

  2. Hi Julia, Just to clarify, I hand painted the bare commercial yarn. I still haven't been able to part with any of my handspun or commit any of it to an item that has been finished. I guess I'll get there. I've never spun enough yarn to render anything bigger than mittens or a smallish scarf.

  3. it might not be the type of stripes he thought of, but they are very cool green and orange socks!