Friday, 2 July 2010

Canada Day

This year Skip and I went up to Port Perry for Canada Day. It's about 25km NNE of where we live and has a nice park that slopes down to Lake Scugog.
We had a hunk of birthday cake which had very thick icing.
What is more Canadian than funnel cakes (deep fried pancake batter) and deep fried Mars or Snickers bars? Good thing we have good health care - we need it after all that artery-clogging food.
Instead, Skip and I opted for a half dozen mini donuts.

A couple of my knitting friends were there with their spinning and weaving guild, demonstrating wheel spinning. I took my drop spindle along and joined them for a half an hour or so.

It was really windy so I had to make sure the roving was downwind from the spindle so everything didn't get all tangled up.

I enjoyed the YarnHarlot's Canada Day post where she opined about what Canadians are. 

I finished the Dianna shawl and need to get it blocked. Pictures will follow.

With the Dianna shawl done, I needed to start a new project (not that I don't have a bunch of UFOs to get at) so I knit another water bottle cozy for Skip. His golf buddies have been teasing him about the unsightly one I made him a couple of years ago so I decided to replace it with a handsome dark green one. I added a black golf hole and white flag. After I'm finished felting it, I'll stitch a yellow flag stick.  Here it is before felting.
And after the first felting.

There's still too much stitch definition so I'll have to run it through the wash a couple more times. Front loading washers aren't the most efficient for felting but with the 2000rpm (for real!) final spin cycle, they sure get a lot of the moisture out of the clothes - supposedly 25% more than top loading washers.

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