Saturday, 14 August 2010

Dim Sum

Last Tuesday we visited Skip's mother's grave - about 80km from where we live. On the way back we stopped into our favourite dim sum place in Markham, Grand Lake Chinese Cuisine & Banquet
Often we order from the carts of food that roll by at different intervals but that day we ordered from the dim sum menu and they brought the dishes to us.

On the top left is shu mai, lovely pork steamed dumplings. Top right is har gow, steamed shrimp dumplings and below them are shrimp and snow pea dumplings.

We also enjoyed these baked dumplings that had delicious, a sweet flaky pastry exterior and barbecued pork inside.

They had a glaze on the top with a sprinkling of sesame seeds.

My favourite dessert is mango pudding. At this restaurant they are made in fish-shaped molds and are carefully turned out onto the plate and then evaporated milk is drizzled on them.


We have had a hot summer with plenty of rain. The fruits and vegetables are about two weeks early this year. With no trees along our back fence, our back garden gets a lot more sun so things are looking very lush and verdant. Skip wanted me to take his photo amid the plants.


  1. What a great restaurant...I will put it on my list! geri are you going to the Knitter's Fair?

  2. Yes, I plan to go to the Knitter's Fair and this time I'll be sure to look for you! :-)